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Photo 22 Jul 1 note Some Nes gaming ! #nes #faxanadu

Some Nes gaming ! #nes #faxanadu

Photo 22 Jul The little ones #pets #dogs

The little ones #pets #dogs

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Text 22 Jul Game Review- Aliens: Colonial Marines

My overall feelings of Aliens: Colonial Marines is that it’s not the “Final Betrayal” for the series. The game does run well, with some graphical problems and they do look like they are Xbox and PS2 graphics; which is a downgrade, but that is not the main problem overall. The story is the thing that really sets this game back. The plot and characters leave not connection, give no feelings when events happen, and just make it so the player doesn’t care what happens to them. Setting aside plot points that make no since in the over all series, I did enjoy making fun of the game as I was playing. It almost gets to the “it’s so bad it’s good,” but just misses based on the fact that they made this cannon with the other films. Overall play it if you want a laugh, but if you can’t get passed the plot or the characters just don’t play the game. There are other things out there to play.

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